5 Tips for Crafting Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Around Environmentalism

Eco protester sign

Many businesses are pivoting to center nonprofit social media marketing campaigns dedicated to environmentalism. This doesn’t come as a surprise as our planet faces irreversible damages if we don’t act fast. The question becomes: how can you create a nonprofit social media strategy to achieve this goal? Luckily, we gathered 5 important tips to help you do just that.

1. Goal Setting in Your Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

What do you want to achieve? Is your nonprofit social media strategy really “green”?

As campaigns around environmentalism become mainstream, more and more consumers are growing weary of greenwashing. It then becomes important for your business to decide how you are helping with the environment in your nonprofit social media strategy, and what kind of message you want to send in your nonprofit social media marketing. 

 Not sure where to start? A good step would be to head over to our blog here to take a look at the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and see the areas your organization can fit in.

2. Highlighting Social Responsibility

Social responsibility and environmentalism go hand in hand, and the feel-good factor in impact marketing should play a part in your nonprofit social media marketing strategy as well. You’ve put in the effort to make a green campaign, and you should let your customers know that they can feel good while purchasing your services or product, too!

If you’re a business partnering with a nonprofit, an example of showing social responsibility would be featuring the nonprofit you have partnered with on your social media. Plus, don’t forget to highlight the impact you’ve helped make as well! If you need some online marketing gurus to give pointers on how you can best communicate your impact, Tiny Planet Digital is here to help.

3. Thinking Local

Rebuilding local communities is an important part of restoring and protecting the natural beauty of many places around the world. For example, eco-tourism is at the intersection of business, the environment, and tourism. Eco-tourism involves conscious travelling, which lets the traveller respectfully appreciate the beauty of a destination while the profits from tourism are redirected into conservation. Be sure to include the local impact you have made in your next non-profit social media post! 

4. Being Transparent

You have to be transparent with your intentions in your partnerships. Consumers are well aware of greenwashing, so honesty is an important factor in your nonprofit social media strategy. Some ways to do so in your non-profit social media campaign can be updating your social media with any impact metrics you’ve accumulated. Talk to us about how you can best communicate your metrics!

5. Finding Your Target Audience on Social Media

The bottom line of crafting any social media strategy is understanding how to reach your target audience. That is the bread and butter of your business. It is crucial to understand which platforms you should use for your nonprofit social media posts, and how you can formulate the right posts for each platform in your nonprofit social media strategy. Give us a shout here and Tiny Planet digital can help you decide which posts are best suited for each platform!


The most important parts of creating a promotional campaign around environmentalism are:

  • Knowing what you are trying to achieve
  • Highlighting your impact
  • Helping build local communities
  • Being transparent
  • Being savvy in knowing who you should target your campaign to. 

If you need any help at all to make your next green promotional become reality, don’t hesitate to contact us here!