3 Hotel Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for 2022

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In our day and age, the first thing anyone does after getting up in the morning is check their phone. Accordingly, jam-packed sessions of online promotions are always a click away. This shows great potential for business owners who are looking to expand, especially hotel marketing agency representatives.

Before we get carried away, we must remember that marketing strategies keep on evolving. This evolution can be overwhelming for those who are getting new to the game. However, even if you’re a professional marketer, you can still take advantage of this year’s trends.

With just 7 weeks left of 2021, let’s make 2022 memorable with three do’s and don’t’s for hotel digital marketing.

What is Hotel Marketing?

Think about the latest hotel you’ve been to. Before booking, you must have checked its reviews, services, and presence. If that’s true, then you’re not alone. Gallup explains that clients value reputation above all. What better way to achieve that than through marketing?

Hotel marketing is a term that describes the strategies hotels use to promote. These strategies help businesses create a positive impression., and this usually leads to new customers. Of course, when marketers do it the right way. 

The technical part of hotel digital marketing is so vast that agencies decided to give it its own branch. Now, there are many ways in which hotels enhance their presence to the public. Let’s go through a few of them so we can help hotel marketers strive for better.

Hotel Marketing Do’s:

Do: Highlight Customer Experience 

Reviews are your hotel’s best friends, and for a good reason. They are a connection point between your business and potential clients. As such, they offer a double-ended approach:

  • Help you with exposure, showcasing your hotel’s main advantage points.
  • Provide insight from the customer experience which can give you the feedback to improve your services. 

Do: Feature Chatbots on Your Online Platform

Life is becoming more dynamic by the day, so people want to save time. Waiting for a call agent to pick up the phone can be tiring, which makes chatbots ideal. Featuring chatbots is also great for people with who have anxiety booking hotels in the time of a pandemic.

Do: Influence Your Way to the Top

Influencers are the future, and people are looking up to them to follow trends. If someone with a wide following promotes your services, that will generate a lot of traffic. So, scout your local artists, celebrities, and bloggers so that they can lead new clients your way. 

Hotel Marketing Don’ts:

Don’t: Under Optimize Automatic Bots

Chatbots are great, but only if you put effort into setting them up. AI has come a long way, and with the proper care, you can naturalize your bot to a great extent. Not only will your hotel look more sophisticated, but your clients will feel cared for at all times. 

Don’t: Promote Only Positive Reviews

Seeing a hotel that has a spotless review streak is often a red flag. Hotel marketers sometimes only promote their positive reviews. This, of course, makes them look quite spammy. If you want to appear professional, work on improving your services, not your review board.

Don’t: Overpromote

Whatever path you choose, make sure not to overdo it. You don’t want to tire your clientele with sensory overload, but you want to be active. The golden ratio of hotel digital marketing lies in good balance. And, the only way to reach that is through practice. So, don’t stop following trends, see what your clients like, and perform accordingly. 

If you need some help with that, consider working with Tiny Planet Digital. Let the hotel marketing agency handle your strategy while you enjoy the benefits.