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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Our Hiring Practices

One of our values here at Tiny Planet Digital is diversity, equity and inclusion which is why we are committed to implementing more just and equitable hiring practices every step of the way. Accordingly, equity measures have been put in place to reduce barriers to applying from marginalized groups.

At Tiny Planet Digital, we will make every effort to seek to hire those who identify as part of underserved and equity-seeking communities. Our process will particularly aim to invite those part of the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour community to partake in our hiring process. Understanding the intersectionality that is involved in those who hold marginalized identities is why we have chosen a broad definition of equity-seeking communities. These communities include those who identify as racialized, LGBTQ2S+, holding immigrant or refugee status, having a mental or physical disability, or religion.

These equity measures have been established to provide the opportunity to qualified candidates who have lived experienced either through historical or present-day marginalization the opportunity to join our company. We strongly believe that by adopting these measures we can work towards embedding anti-colonial and anti-oppressive lenses in all our work.

In this way, we hope that both lived and work experience can be valued and can advance our impact-driven work.