A Hotel’s Guide For Travellers

COVID-19 has put the luxury of travel into perspective, and its value has only increased exponentially after people have been cooped up for far too long. Our lives had been stagnated by fear and anxiety, but no more:  the post COVID travel boom is back in full swing.  

“This may be a sky’s-the-limit situation”, says Jim Cramer, the host of Mad Money on CNBC.  And as planes take off to exciting new destinations, “conscious travelling” is projected to be the new trend as people recognize the privilege to travel and its environmental benefits when people stay home. According to Euronews.travel, this means travellers are “far more discerning about the journeys they go on, willing and able to be away from home for longer (thanks to remote working), more appreciative of their surroundings and local people, and less reckless in their spending”. The National Geographic supports this projection with their observations from as early as November 2020, citing that “[c]onsumers are doubling down on sustainability” and that “[t]he industry will respond with active measures to prioritize a healthy world over profit margins.”

While there is a robust market, the standards have also risen to new heights. It is no longer enough to just be a hotel in a foreign destination, the market demands “quality over quantity”. 

You heard it here first, folks: the travelling industry will explode as COVID-19 restrictions ease, but jet-setters are going to be far pickier with their options. Which begs the question: is your hotel ready for the new wave, and can it survive the competition after one and a half years of closure? In our evermore online world, do you have a hotel digital marketing strategy in place?

Thankfully, Tiny Planet Digital’s new dedicated Hotel Service Package has got you all covered. We know you can host an unforgettable stay that can dazzle the expectations of any picky traveller, but half the battle is letting everyone know that you’ve got what it takes. Tiny Planet Digital can be a part of your hotel digital marketing solution, and includes services such as Reputation & Review Management, Social Media Management, Digital Advertising for Hotels (PPC Management & SEM), and last but not least, Search Engine Optimization for Hotels and Hospitality. In a world where online reviews and SEO placements can make or break a business, the Tiny Planet Digital Hotel Service Package sets your hotel apart from your competitors. The best part? Your package will come with a clear mission, vision and goals, and we will never try to sell you something that you don’t need. You can even book a free consultation with us here before you commit to anything!

Our dedicated Hotel Service Package has officially launched here, and be sure to save the date to set yourself up for success in the post COVID-19 travel boom!

This blog post was written by Celina Fu