How to Create Emotional Eco-Friendly Video Content for Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits

Connecting with your audience on environmental issues can seem intimidating. It’s only natural to wonder whether your new content strategy might turn a large portion of your audience away or — even worse — be ineffective. And this is where content strategy for digital marketing strategy for nonprofits needs to change: one of the most effective and inexpensive tools in nonprofit content marketing is video!

Video has been shown to be one of the most effective marketing mediums out there: according to one source, marketers producing video content claimed an 87% increase in website traffic. Not only that, but 4 in 5 of those surveyed said that video marketing increased their sales. This goes to show that video marketing for nonprofits is essential, since so much of a nonprofit’s success is directly tied to how personalized their engagement is with their audience.

Additionally, video marketing is quite affordable. Not only has video marketing for nonprofits become increasingly cheaper, it is also free to create a TikTok or an Instagram reel. Below are some tips on how video can be incorporated into nonprofit content marketing.

Focus on Educational Messaging

While traditional marketing may be about selling a product or a service, video marketing for nonprofits should really be about selling knowledge. Focus on educating your audience on how your business is sustainable, and empower them to be sustainable too. This personalizes your brand message and makes your content valuable, authoritative, and share-worthy.

Sign Up for TikTok and Instagram

When your content is share-worthy, it needs to be on the right platforms to be shared.  The two best platforms for digital marketing strategy for nonprofits are TikTok and Instagram. TikToks (and Instagram reels and stories) are a great way of sharing 10-30 seconds worth of information. According to one statistic, there are over 2 billion active accounts on both platforms right now! And though TikTok may be mostly made up of those under 25 Instagram’s largest demographic is young millennials, exposing your brand to members of all age groups and demographic profiles.

Share Similar Content for Your Audience

The key to digital marketing strategy for nonprofits is consistency. You need to provide your audience with content when you are not actively sharing any to help build interactions with other pages and share relevant content at no extra cost to you. This content should consist of videos with similar messaging and values.

Overall, content strategy for nonprofits should include video marketing as a core element. Recent studies have shown that the average time a person spends watching videos each day has increased by 20% in the past two years.

Not sure where to start and looking for a more tailored video marketing plan? Send us your ideas and the first consult is on us!

This blog post was written by Frida Kitz