Vaccine Passports & How Your Business Needs to Be Set-up in the Digital Age

Vaccine Passport

Much like how a driver’s license is required to hit the road, vaccine passports are rolled out in provinces to protect public health among other COVID-19 protocols. Although the rules vary from province to province,  British Columbia mandates proof of vaccination for people in recreational settings such as indoor dining services, gyms, and organized group recreational classes with more than 50 people (for example, a choir rehearsal). Starting on September 13th, individuals who visit these establishments must have had at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and by October 24th, patrons in the outlined establishments must have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as proven by their vaccine passports. These regulations are in effect until January 2021 but are subject to extension, and businesses that disobey these public health measures will face fines. 

It is more important than ever for your business to communicate your COVID-19 protocols to your customers. Some companies install pop-ups on their websites to indicate any important announcements to their clients while others create a form to screen for any COVID-19 symptoms. How are you informing your clients of what they need to prepare before visiting your business? Is your website updated with COVID-19 protocols, and if yes, how are you checking your clients’ digital vaccine passports to ensure safety? Does your Google business page reflect British Columbia’s vaccine passport requirements? How is your business making your clients feel comfortable before they arrive, and do you have any additional public health measures to vaccine passports? Finally, do you have reduced capacity or operating hours that clients need to be aware of upon reopening?  These are all detailed but important questions to consider, as your answers can make your future clients feel safer and avoid any potential confusion and disappointment.

If the questions above sounded overwhelming, or if you aren’t sure you are communicating as effectively as you can to your online audience, you are not alone.  Combating COVID-19 is a collective effort and Tiny Planet Digital is committed to helping business owners recover and thrive. We are an online marketing company specializing in services like digital marketing consulting, digital marketing audit & assessment, and digital marketing strategy formulation, and we can help you create a checklist of items to guide your business’s transition into a post-COVID-19 world.  

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This blog post was written by Celina Fu