How to Emphasize Safety and Cleanliness in Your Hotel Digital Marketing Campaigns

COVID-19 safety starts with a clean hotel

Though gatherings make many nervous as Omicron cases increase and social distancing becomes crucial, nothing is more nerve-racking than travel. From flying to hotel stays, there are so many moments of exposure in a trip. Naturally, this leaves most Canadians hesitant to plan trips. Because of this, it is important that hotels emphasize COVID-19 safety measures such as sanitizing spaces and social distancing. And the key to creating this message is through COVID-friendly marketing, built into your hotel marketing campaigns.

Showcase COVID-19 Safety Through Preventative Measures and Planning

How do you emphasize COVID-19 safety? How are you preventing outbreaks? Are you encouraging social distancing? Your hotel marketing plan needs to thoroughly address concerns like these that your hotel guests will have. Discussing preventative measures like social distancing in small spaces, disinfecting surfaces, or increasing ventilation will bolster your COVID-friendly marketing plan.

Additionally, it is important to have a behind-the-scenes plan for a possible exposure at your hotel. Including things like exposure notices, deep-cleaning protocols, and employee testing are important for COVID-19 safety.

Have a COVID-19 Safety Page on Your Website 

In addition to preventative planning, COVID-friendly marketing plans should include setting aside a page on your website for COVID information. This page should include the usable information on COVID-19 safety and social distancing recommendations, along with an FAQ section. This should include common questions regarding refunds, local regulations, and more. As part of the hospitality industry, it’s important to include information on how your staff are ensuring everyone’s safety. By demonstrating that your staff takes COVID-19 safety seriously through your hotel marketing plan, you allay your customers’ worries.

Include Regular COVID-19 Updates on Your Social Media

The pandemic (and subsequent restrictions) often evolve quickly. It is crucial to include regular updates on your social media as a major part of your hotel marketing plan. Such updates should discuss changing government restrictions, travel limitations, and updates to vaccine requirements. COVID-friendly marketing campaigns are built on transparency and communication, in order to keep customers safe.

While the pandemic is frustrating, it is imperative that hotels continue to develop COVID-friendly marketing strategies for the future. This will bolster business and ensure COVID-19 safety for staff and customers. Besides, social distancing is a minor price to pay for a vacation!

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