Tiny Planet Digital Receives Raving Review on Clutch from Environmental Organization

Tiny Planet Digital Receives Raving Review on Clutch from Environmental Organization

These days, a lot of companies and businesses are relying on their digital marketing efforts to find relative success online. As businesses deal with the looming threat the pandemic has on closing their doors more and more are migrating their businesses to digital platforms. With this new and unexpected change, not many companies have the experience and knowledge to spearhead their digital marketing strategy which is why hiring a professional digital marketing agency is the first step you should take.

Tiny Planet Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers bespoke digital marketing solutions and strategies. Our services include digital marketing strategy formulation, website development, social media management, e-commerce consulting, and more. We focus on helping our clients establish, promote and communicate an authoritative online presence for businesses in order to boost the bottom line in this increasingly digital world.

With the increasing number of companies joining the online fray every day, having a reliable partner beside you is truly a breath of fresh air. A nonprofit environmental organization called A Greener Future has chosen this path and decided to partner with us for their digital marketing efforts.

Our client actually won one of our contests and they were chosen to be the recipient of our $2,500 digital marketing services package. Our team provided services such as a SEO audit on their websites. The findings were later disclosed in a presentation to the client. We proceeded to create a digital strategy report that also included different recommendations on how they can improve their overall online presence. 

Lastly, we had a meeting to discuss each report and findings. Here is what the Executive Director had to say about the results and feedback:  

“We learned a lot throughout the process. The recommendations were fairly easy for us to implement even though we don’t have an SEO expert on our team. It will take some time to see the full results but we feel as though we are making progress towards achieving the desired results.” – Rochelle Byrne, Executive Director, A Greener Future

Our team was ecstatic to be working with an incredible organization with an equally incredible goal. This is our way of paying it forward for all the companies and businesses that will entrust us with their digital marketing efforts.

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