How Can You Leverage Instagram Channels?

Graphic displaying Instagram Channels

Introducing Instagram Channels

Keeping up with the latest updates across all your online platforms can be a task on its own, let alone learning to utilize all of them. In early 2023, Instagram launched a new feature called Instagram Broadcast Channels. They describe it as a “one-to-many messaging tool for creators to directly engage with their followers at scale.”

What is it?

Channels are direct message groups that creators can invite their followers to. The interface looks similar to a regular direct message chat. However, the difference here is the messages are only sent one way, from creator to follower. Once a creator is granted access, they then start a broadcast channel. When the first broadcast occurs, the creator’s followers will receive a one-time notification to join the channel. Followers can then opt-in and receive messages and updates from your account directly to their inboxes.

How can you use it?

Instagram Channels are an excellent outlet to connect with your followers. The messages are sent one way, from creator to follower; however, creators can add collaborators into their channel. These collaborators can message and react in the channel but are unable to modify any channel settings.

Displays Instagram Channels and it's capabilities

Although followers cannot directly reply to your messages, they do have the option to interact. Currently, the interactions include reactions to a message or voting in a poll. Instagram stated they will continuously roll out additional features to Channels so stay tuned for those.

To maximize engagement and optimize retention, we recommend offering incentives through that specific channel, including;

  1. Behind-the-scenes content
  2. Promo codes and discounts
  3. Valuable tips and tricks
  4. Exclusive offers, such as early access or sneak peeks
  5. Exciting company news and updates, such as new product announcements, milestones/ goals achieved, etc.

Currently, Channels is only available to select accounts on Instagram for testing. As the feature develops and rolls out in the near future, it will be more accessible to accounts who wish to join and will contain even more features to engage with your audience. If you’re looking for more ways to benefit from Channels, check out this blog post by Social Media Examiner for 16 ways to use Instagram Channels for business.

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