Top 10 Benefits of Marketing on Facebook


As the world is becoming increasingly digitized, traditional forms of advertising may not work for your business. Advancements being made in the technological sector have paved the way for online marketing. Digital marketing is rapidly taking over. Facebook for business is immensely becoming the order of the day.

Ever thought of potential customers that are found online each day? According to Statista, Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020. This number might increase in 2021, making it the most prominent social network worldwide. Thus, it makes the most sense to use it for advertising your products and services.

Here are the top ten benefits your business will experience by embracing Facebook marketing:

1. You are Assured of a Massive Audience

Even if you do not reach all the 2.7 billion monthly Facebook users, you can rest assured that your message will reach a significant number of them. As you are aware, the principal goal of any marketing campaign is to reach as many prospective customers as possible.

No online platform gives an audience like the one found on Facebook. Apart from its large size, it spans across a wide range of demographics since the social site is used by almost everyone. Furthermore, it is a global site whose users hail from almost every continent across the globe.

Previously, Facebook was thought to be for young users. As noted in recent statistics by Statista, about 65% of its users are the youth aged between 18 and 35 years. However, the trend has been shifting, and many older persons are now using it.

2. You Can Reach Exact Audience

Typically, marketing makes no sense without targeting. In a recent analysis by Search Engine Journal, Facebook was established to be the most targeted form of advertising. As you know, the main element of business success is the ability to define specific people who would benefit from a particular product or service.

How does Facebook help in audience targeting?

When using Facebook marketing, you select a specific group that your message should target. In this context, you can advertise to them based on various factors, such as:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Behaviour
  • Interests

3. Speed

Every businessperson wants a marketing platform that will reach their target audience within the shortest time possible. Even when an online platform has millions of users, it makes no economic sense if it takes days for the marketing message to reach potential customers.

Facebook is different. Once you make a post, it will be visible globally within minutes. It will have reached thousands and even millions of users within a short time.

How does this help your business? It will help to drive traffic and conversations in a way that no other online platform does. It provides a guaranteed return on investment.

4. It is Cheap

If you ask most people who have tried Facebook Ad campaigns, they will tell you that they are cheap and effective. On average, a Facebook ad costs up to $0.55. However, this price varies based on different campaign objectives, such as:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Lead generation
  • Conversions
  • Link clicks

Can you imagine paying $5 to reach a thousand people? It is possible with Facebook. It is much cheaper compared to the same ad being aired on billboards, radio, and television.

5. High Audience Transparency

Some people argue that Twitter and Instagram have similar audience capabilities as Facebook. However, I tend to disagree. All three platforms offer the same audience targeting capabilities, but transparency differs.

Facebook, unlike other sites, provides self-selecting audience targeting. This gives your business a significant level of transparency and control, especially on the audience you target.

You can select audience clusters of your choice, based on various elements, such as:

  • Fans- Who are mainly one’s Facebook followers.
  • Friends of fans- Who are friends of your Facebook followers
  • Remarketing- By targeting users who may have previously visited your page or site.
  • Targeted behaviours and interests

Due to this audience transparency, a marketing campaign will automatically perform well.

6. It Allows Psychographic Targeting

When you hear of targeting, what comes to mind? To most people, it’s all about clustering people based on demographics. Believe it or not, Facebook provides more than this.

Have you ever heard of psychographic targeting? Facebook uses analytical tools and algorithms to predict people’s purchasing needs and lifestyles.

Thus, you can target a wide range of people based on many elements, such as hobbies, behaviours, and life events. Such targeting has one major advantage: it allows precision. You can relax assured that your marketing efforts will bear fruits and good fruits.

7. It Enables Competitor Targeting

Typically, marketing entails convincing people that your brand is better than that of a competitor. However, how do you pursue the audiences of your competitors?

As technology revolutionizes, the use of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics helps marketers to target fans of other brands.

How is this possible?

Facebook stores the self-reported data of all its users. It is, hence, possible to identify users who may have indicated interests in other brands. There is a high probability that users who may have expressed interests in a similar brand may like yours too.

8. Facebook Offers Numerous Ad Formats

It doesn’t matter the nature of your business; you will always find an ad format that meets your marketing needs. Normally, there are about 10 Facebook ad formats for you to choose from.

The most common ones are image and video ads. There are others that accommodate both visual and text elements.

This is amazing. Facebook gives you an exceptional experience. The visual elements in all its ad formats give you a rare opportunity to showcase and describe your business, increasing the impact of your marketing campaign.

9. Allows Referral Traffic

I will tell you one thing: driving referral traffic to your business site is essential yet very hard to achieve. No one wishes to leave their Twitter or Instagram account to view what you are selling.

But, Facebook is different. Due to its unique features, most of its ads are sufficiently enticing. It is always tempting for users to stop chatting and have a look at what is being marketed.

10. You Can Measure Performance

If you install the Facebook Pixel on your site, you can comfortably measure the performance of your Facebook ads. If you are a Facebook fan, you may have noticed that it has numerous actions that users can take before exiting the site.

Precisely, there are reach and ad engagements that help to measure performance. Users can like, open, like, follow, comment, or even subscribe. Facebook then uses third-party analytics to assess conversion metrics.

A marketer can generate reports and analyze if a specific marketing campaign is paying off. It also helps to ascertain the targets where an ad is experiencing the exemplary performance.


As a modern marketer, don’t get caught up in what traditional marketers are doing. Times have really changed, and digital marketing is taking over. With Facebook marketing, you only need a fraction of effort, and the returns are overwhelming.

Digital Marketing is the Way to Go

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