3 LinkedIn Marketing Tips You Need to Know

If you simply view LinkedIn as a way to connect with other professionals, you are missing out. This social network provides numerous opportunities for marketing your business.

Did you know LinkedIn gains two new members every second? That’s about 172,000 new users every day. At last count, the professional social network now has 675 million users in more than 200 countries.  It’s estimated that each connection you make puts you in contact with 400 new people, 100 new companies and at least 500 available jobs. Since it launched in 2002, LinkedIn has not lost its momentum. In fact, engagement has increased 50 percent, year over year. However, if you simply view LinkedIn as a way to connect with other professionals, you are missing out. This social network provides numerous opportunities for marketing your business. 

The first step to building an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy is to set up your company page.  This is where you can establish your brand, teach others about what you do and offer valuable insights into your industry. View it as your central hub for information that is targeted toward industry peers, potential and existing customers, as well as current and future employees. Here are three key marketing tips to getting the most out of your LinkedIn company page. 

1. Let Your Employees be Your Advocates

Happy employees are your biggest assets. First, they can help you boost your connections. According to LinkedIn stats, employees average 10 times more first-degree connections than a company has followers. Gain access to their networks by encouraging them to add their position and link back to your company within their LinkedIn profile. Secondly, employees serve as living testimonials who can help you attract top talent and add credibility to your business. 

2. Focus on Your Content Strategy

Grow your audience by having an effective content marketing strategy. While LinkedIn recommends posting content at least once a day, companies that post articles or updates at least monthly gain followers six times faster than those who do not. Focus on content that positions your business as an industry leader, an organization that is “in the know,” paying attention to trends and best practices. You can post original content, or a news story or blog post from an external source. Encourage your leadership team or other qualified employees to publish articles on LinkedIn’s publishing platform.  

3. Join or Create a Group

Establish yourself as a thought leader by joining one of LinkedIn’s groups or creating a new one. Why? People who engage in group discussions get an average of four times moreprofile views than other LinkedIn members.  In addition to the increased visibility, joining a group puts you in contact with users outside your immediate followers. Pick a group that aligns with your business goals. Think beyond peers. Who is your target audience? Establish yourself in group discussions as a trusted, industry expert. Is there an association within your industry? That might be a good place to start looking for a group. You could also try to establish a new group. Don’t forget to feature it on your company page. 

Eighty-one percent of small and medium businesses have a social media strategy.  Of those, 91 percent said social media helped them increase brand awareness and 82 percent said it helped them generate leads. Are you reaping the benefits of an effective social media strategy? Talk to us at Tiny Planet Digital to start getting the most out of your social media strategy.