Celebrating Our 2023 Sustainable Growth Contest Winners

Sustainable growth contest winners 2023 Start Up Canada and Refeed Farms Canada

Our Sustainable Growth Contest has concluded, and this year has been nothing short of remarkable. Our mission was clear: raise awareness of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and shine a spotlight on impact organizations tirelessly addressing these global challenges. Through this journey, we’ve uncovered extraordinary stories of change and impact that have inspired and energized us to continue the work we do.

Today, we proudly present the winners of our Sustainable Growth Contest, who have not only demonstrated an unwavering commitment to sustainability but have also made quantifiable differences in the world.

Startup Canada: Nurturing Entrepreneurial Dreams

Start Up Canada Logo impact marketing contest winners

Founded in 2012, Startup Canada has been a catalyst for transforming Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape. Their mission is straightforward: connect aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools, community, and support needed to launch and grow their businesses.

Building the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:

Startup Canada’s impact extends far beyond its inception. In 2012, they embarked on a cross-country tour that became a national community-building exercise. It united over 20,000 Canadians and 300 partners through 200 events fueled by hundreds of dedicated volunteers. The tour served as a rallying cry to rediscover Canada’s entrepreneurial roots and embrace entrepreneurship as central to the nation’s culture. Given the success of their initial tour, they have continued to organize a cross-country tour every year to foster the entrepreneurship community and connect with founders.

Fostering the Entrepreneurship Community

Startup Canada recognized crucial gaps and needs within the entrepreneurial landscape and has implemented various initiatives to address these areas:

  • Celebrating Entrepreneurs: They acknowledged the necessity of celebrating and cheering on our entrepreneurs, ensuring their contributions to the nation are recognized and celebrated.
  • Supporting Early-Stage Startups: Startup Canada has tirelessly cultivated and supported early-stage startups, aiming to produce high-growth companies with global reach and a strong focus on sustainability.
  • Building Vibrant Communities: They championed the development of vibrant entrepreneurial communities led by entrepreneurs themselves. These communities form the foundation of a national entrepreneurship network.
  • Championing Gender Equality: Startup Canada is at the forefront of gender equality in entrepreneurship through their “Startup Women” and “Startup Women Advocacy Network” programs. These initiatives uplift the voices of women-identifying entrepreneurs and advocate for equal access to funding, grants, and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Advocates for Economic Growth: Their advocacy extends to government and private sector support for entrepreneurs, championing the cause for better policies and economic growth. Startup Canada envisions a Canada where entrepreneurial achievement is admired, entrepreneurship is celebrated and supported, and valuable experience is derived from failure.

Startup Canada’s vision is to establish itself as the foundational support organization of Canada’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. They have roots deeply planted in their journey to rediscover Canada’s entrepreneurial roots, embracing entrepreneurship as central to the nation’s culture. Now, they are poised to cultivate these roots further and spread their influence far and wide.

Refeed Canada: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture

Refeed Farms Canada Logo

Refeed Canada is not just an organization; it’s a revolutionary force in circular nutrition, leveraging biology, biotechnology, data science, and circular supply chains to transform the agrifood industry and decrease the high levels of food waste in Canada. Most people don’t know, but in Canada, 58% of food goes to waste, with 32% being avoidable. Refeed Canada actively addresses this crisis by repurposing food for critical purposes.

Decarbonizing Agriculture

Their mission is audacious—to decarbonize the agrifood sector, accelerate soil regeneration, and ensure universal access to nourishing food. And their impact is nothing short of impressive:

  • CO2-Equivalents Avoided: From September 2021 to August 2022, Refeed Canada prevented 8,611.94 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to taking 1,825 passenger vehicles off the road for a year—a tangible commitment to climate action.
  • Diverted from Landfill: Refeed Canada’s initiatives have diverted a remarkable 4.5 million kilograms of food from landfills, making a substantial dent in reducing food waste.
  • Impactful Food Redistribution: Their impact spans diverse areas, including providing food as livestock feed, sending food for anaerobic digestion, and feeding people in need. Remarkably, they’ve achieved a 0% diversion rate to landfills.

Refeed Canada’s holistic approach and quantifiable impact exemplify their vision for a circular food system. By reimagining the agrifood industry, they actively contribute to climate action, reduce waste, and support vulnerable communities. Refeed Canada has a bold goal—to bring on equity partners who align with their ethos. This strategic move will ensure a robust position to execute their growth strategy and accelerate their impact. They firmly believe that authentic storytelling and digital engagement are essential for scaling their impact, and Tiny Planet Digital is excited to provide the horsepower they’ve been longing for to soar to new heights.

Congratulations To Both Winners!

In conclusion, our winners, Startup Canada and Refeed Canada, represent the pinnacle of sustainable growth and positive impact. Their stories inspire us, and their work motivates us to keep pushing for a better, more sustainable future. We can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve next!

As we celebrate the success of our Sustainable Growth Contest, we invite you to join us in supporting these organizations in their missions. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking resources and support or an advocate for sustainability and positive change, there’s a role for you to play.

Missed the chance to participate this year? Don’t worry; the Sustainable Growth Contest will be back in 2024 to amplify more organizations and support their pursuits to build a better world. In the meantime, if you’re in need of some marketing support to reach your organization’s goals, schedule a discovery call with us today!