Google Ads Account Health Check

Are you sure your Google Ads are bringing in the right customers to buy your product or service? Is it even tracking properly for you to measure your performance?


You'll learn to:

Our team of Google Ads specialists will log in to your account and conduct a manual review and analysis of your ad account, identifying risk areas and optimization opportunities. Up to a total of 5 ad groups will be analyzed. For example, this could consist of three campaigns with 2-3 ad groups each, or one campaign with five ad groups.

We provide you with an account health report along with an overall health score as well as actionable recommendations on changes to make. Google makes changes to the Google Ads platform frequently and this report will detail what parts of your account need updating to a 2020 level as well as what areas of your account are under-performing.

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Typically further action is required to modify your advertising campaigns and this health check product is designed as a first step towards fixing up your account. We can help you implement the changes or you can take the report and provide it to your vendor of choice.