Hotel Digital Marketing: 5 Trending Hotel User Searches on Google

How do hotel customers on the internet behave today? Most people traveling for leisure or business use search engines to plan their travel options, including the hotel they will stay in. As such, knowing how tourists or clients go from finding a hotel to booking a room online is essential for hotel digital marketing.

In this post, we look at the trending searches on Google and other popular search engines in the hotel sector. We also explore what most hotel reviewers focus on today so you can adapt to their online travel habits.

Popular Trends in Search Terms

Google Ads looks into how consumers perform hotel searches online to understand different consumer trends. By comparing hotel search queries over the last year, they were able to determine that some of the popular search terms include:

  • “Hotels nearby”: Even with the dust of the pandemic almost settling, most people prefer to travel closer to home. As a result, the terms “hotels nearby,” “holiday centers nearby,” and “ski resorts nearby” have increased within the last year.
  • “Hotel booking app”: The desire to travel for a holiday or a weekend is accompanied by a strong sense of digitalization. Travelers are looking for convenient ways to book a hotel online and are willing to do so through booking apps, making the term “hotel booking app” popular today.
  • “Passport photo”: While local travel has seen a resurgence, more distant trips are expected. The search for “passport photo” has increased over the last few years. Therefore, international hotels should position themselves strategically as long-distance travel increases.

What Hotel Reviewers are Focusing on Today

The internet remains the primary source of information for hotel guests. Guests turn to the web to gather information before choosing their preferred accommodation. Some of the essentials reviewers are focusing on today include:

  • Online reviews – almost a third of hotel guests use reviews to determine whether a hotel is right or wrong for them
  • Online reputation – travelers pay as much attention to a hotel’s online reputation as anything else
  • Online travel agencies (OTAs) – OTAs generate the most hotel bookings online as the majority of tourists think they may find the cheapest rates on these types of sites
  • Direct bookings – some customers still prefer to book with hoteliers directly, whether for leisure or business, with many using an online platform to find suitable accommodation and then booking directly with a hotelier
  • Location and price – the location and cost of a hotel are high-ranking factors for many hotel guests, as most are looking for secure and affordable hotels that offer the best services

How to Adapt to Internet Hotel User Trends and Behaviors

These popular search trends and customer behaviors should give you an idea of how to design your hotel digital marketing strategy. For the best results, always ensure that you:

  • Include an integrated booking engine on your website
  • Make the booking process as simple as possible
  • Have as many details as possible about your offers and services with pictures and details
  • Establish geolocation of your hotel establishment
  • Automate the booking confirmation process
  • Maintain a good e-reputation by responding to online comments

Do you need help strategically positioning your hotel online? We can help you develop a solid hotel digital marketing strategy aligned with these trends and behaviors. Contact us today to learn more about how Tiny Planet Digital can help with SEO for hotels.