The Best Hotel Marketing Tips for 2023 Travel

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After years of travel restrictions, headaches, and hassles, many travellers are excited to visit new places and see old faces.

In our last blog post, we went over the top travel trends heading into 2023. This time around, we’ll discuss some top hotel marketing tips to leverage these trends in your marketing and drive more bookings. 

All of the top 2023 travel trends revolve around one thing… Making the most out of your next trip. People are travelling with a purpose this year, looking for new and unique experiences, some rest and relaxation, and more time with loved ones. 

Hotel Marketing Tips for 2023

A big focus this year is on authentic, local experiences. Travellers want an experience they remember, something new and exciting to tell their friends and family. To capitalize on this, hotels need to market local activities and showcase why they’re a place worth visiting. 

You’re no longer just marketing the property but rather the destination.

Use Instagram Guides

Guides on Instagram are a great way to showcase what your city has to offer. Guides are pretty much like blogs for your Instagram profile, enabling you to generate a collection of posts, locations, or accounts that you’d like to promote to your audience. You can make guides using your own posts or posts from various accounts that showcase experiences waiting to be had. Want to attract foodies? Make a culinary guide, sharing your top picks for guests to dine at. How about adventurers? Put together a list of your favourite outdoor experiences and tour guides. For inspiration, check out The Ocean Promenade Hotel’s Guide here.

Create a Blog Section

Blogs are a great way to entice travellers. By providing authentic advice to make the most of their trip, travellers are more likely to trust your property to offer the unique experiences they’re seeking. Not sure what to recommend? Think of the travellers you’re hoping to attract. You can create endless blogs to address each type of guest you desire. Blogs are also a great way to boost your search engine ranking, increasing the number of topics and search terms you’ll appear for on Google. Here’s a great example of showcasing the local experiences by the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort.

Some examples of blogs topics:

  • Best Golf Courses in the City
  • Our Favourite Places to Eat
  • The Ultimate 3-day Weekend
  • Top Wineries in the Area

Bundle Packages

It can be hard to compete with OTAs like Expedia and However, the majority of travellers still prefer to book direct. A great way to boost your value is by partnering with local businesses and tours to offer packages for guests. These bundles make it easier for guests to find unique experiences and incentivize them to book with you. There are many options for bundling packages, and it’s important to choose businesses you trust to guarantee a mutually-beneficial partnership. To show your guests that you can show them a good time, try to find unique activities and businesses in your community to partner with, preferably ones these guests may never think of otherwise.

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